Beautiful Entourage Series by E.L.Todd


Book One: Beautiful Entourage

They say that our children are a product of their upbringing and this is story of two people who pay testament to that philosophy.

Rhett and Aspen appear to be polar opposites but they are two halves of the same whole.

Aspen is following in her father’s well-worn footsteps, she is aiming high, planning for a future at the top – to replace her father as CEO but the burden of her father’s expectations are high and she finds it difficult to carry the weight of expectation that is bestowed upon her.

But business she can handle, it is personal issues that she has a problem with… namely the fact that she needs a partner that her father will approve of and since she doesn’t have one anymore, she puts her business head on and sets about sourcing the right man for the job.

And that man is Rhett. Owner of Beautiful Entourage escort services, Rhett runs what can only be described as the most professional agency I think I have ever read about, I mean his contracts between clients and escorts are ultra-specific, no kissing- how is that even possible?

But with his rock solid stipulations in place, Rhett agrees to take on the role of Aspen’s boyfriend in a bit to win her father over and to get him off her case.

The two of them made me laugh, and I don’t mean just snigger it was a full on belly laugh their banter was hysterical. The outcome of their endeavour was never in doubt but it was fun that the two of them didn’t seem see the inevitable.

I adored this book, it was superbly written, funny and had characters, not only Aspen and Rhett that endeared themselves to me.  Harper and Tony especially were the sort of friend that anyone would be lucky to have.

But there was one teensy fly in the ointment – Isabella. I know every story has one, the character that you just want to shove under a bus – well she was it for me!


Book Two: Gorgeous Consort

Ok, So Troy and Harper made their appearances in the first book of this series but this is their chance to tell their story and we get it from both of their points of view.

Troy works with Rhett at Beautiful Entourage, the two of them are partners.

And at work, this sexy as sin man abides by the rules of the agency but this isn’t work, surely it’s just one friend helping out another, Troy agrees to play his part in Harper’s attempt to get her potty parents to wind their necks in.

Honestly her little sister finds herself a fella, gets herself knocked up and suddenly Harpers lack of dating acumen has them sticking their oar in to her life… give the girl a break!

But all is not plain sailing for Troy either because while Harper is at odds with her old folks, Troy has his hands full with his ex.

This author is masterful at making her books realistic she pens beautifully believable situations and while I accept that the scenarios are magnified in reaction, I mean every jilted woman doesn’t hire herself an escort to keep up appearances, the private struggles with family, work and relationships is definitely something to which we can all pick out elements that apply in our own lives..

I have a couple of sticking points but those did not deter from my enjoyment of the book as a whole.


Book Three: Dark Escort

So this is book three and I was beginning to get concerned that that the pattern of the books would start to repeat itself but while I accept the format really isn’t going to differ drastically, I have to say that this was a slightly different tack from the previous two novels.

Cato has waited two years, he has relived that one- glorious night on New Year’s Eve in New York with the woman that has never been far from his thoughts, the one that he has never forgotten but the one that actually did get away.

That was until now, because sat opposite him looking to engage his service was that very woman and she didn’t seem to realise who he was. Well that has to be a blow to the ego!

Looking for a readymade pretend boyfriend, Katarina needs Cato’s help in her quest to prove to her parents in their endeavour to marry her off in what amounts to more than a business merge.

The story really is Cato’s plight to get Katarina to recollect their connection.

He is resolute in his task, there is no way he is going to let her slip through his fingers again but the Katarina she is now is so far removed from the girl he met that night that is task is not going to be an easy one.

I appreciated his dedication to the cause and the fact that he saw the sadness that Katarina lived with. But Katarina has a secret that she is keeping to herself and it may just be the one to put paid to all of Cato’s endeavours.


Book Four: Dangerous Stranger

This was a beautiful twist on the series so far and I have to say it won me over, it was a great read.

Jett is hired to be the pretend boyfriend – no difference there then I hear you say- well the kicker is that his client is Maximillian and he needs Jett in order to continue his deception. No nothing underhand, it is just that Max’s parents are filthy rich and don’t know that Max is gay.

Now I am a firm advocate that no-one should need to hide their sexuality and that as a parent it is your job to love your child no matter what but I am also mindful that it often is difficult to let those around you know everything that is going on in your life for fear of rejection.

Max’s sister is the only person that knows his secret and while she supports him, he is confident in the fact that he would not garner the same reaction from his parents.

Now the first meeting between Max, Jett and his folks goes fairly well initially, that is until Max’s sister joins them because when Jett claps eyes on her he is struck dumb- this woman is beautiful.

 While he is playing his part in the pretence to the very best of his ability, his mind is on the beautiful woman also seated at the table.

Max eventually tells his parents that he is gay and confirms that Jett is his partner not just his friend. Their reaction is disgraceful and faced with the prospect of having a gay child they are prepared to cast him out in order to save face with their friends… honestly it is reprehensible.

Ophelia and Jett become close, not in that sort of way but under the banner of friendship, seeing as Jett is Max’s “boyfriend” and she is determined to be there for her brother.

Ophelia has an absolute jerk for a boyfriend, she knows her relationship with Cameron is over but when she finds out for certain that he is cheating on her, and there is no turning back.

But the one person she has developed feelings for, she can’t have… he’s gay!

Jett has pleaded with Max to let him tell Ophelia the truth but Max knows that as bad as their initial reaction was, if his parents find out he lied, then his relationship with them is over, for good.

Life without Ophelia is not an option Jett is willing to consider, he has to find a way to get his girl.

But when she discovers the truth will his deception have stifled any chance they have before it even gets started.


Book Five: Seductive Guest

This is Meadow and River’s story and I have to say I really liked it.

Meadow has lusted after Nathan for years, and when his family give her a position in their company as Nathan’s PA, she thinks that she has landed her perfect opportunity to bag herself her man.

He has one slight problem, Nathan just isn’t interested. The man is interested in one thing and one thing alone – himself!

My heart broke for Meadow when he practically abandons her at the Gala to which he had taken her as his date!

The man really had no shame – he sloped off and was chatting up a complete stranger at the bar. I would have batted him around the head... arrogant arse!

Unable to take the humiliation, Meadow can feel herself starting to fall apart and in a bid to save face she heads for the door.

Just as she is about to leave she bumps into River how is waiting on his date. Unwilling to let this distraught woman leave in the state she is in, he helps her escape, a gentleman at last.

But when Meadow hires River in seriously screwed up attempt to get Nathan to notice her, I knew that she was too far into her obsession to see what was directly in front of her and I really considered that both River and Meadow were treading on fragile territory.

River against his better judgement does exactly what she has asked him to do and even though he knows that Nathan isn’t really interested, I think he uses the situation to prove to Meadow that is better than Nathan, that she is a beautiful woman who deserves to be worshipped and adored by a man that would love her for being just who she is… a man like him.

River has Nathan 100% pegged and much like he predicted, Nathan can’t help but notice the changes in Meadow but is she blinded by the fact that the guy that she has crushed over for so long has finally noticed her?

Will she realise that he only saw the woman that she had created, he never really saw the woman that she truly is, the woman that River has fallen in love with.

Can they find a way to a Happy Ever After- I had every digit crossed!