Be Here Now by Julia Goda

Life apart has been tough, they have spent six years without each other, but what would you do if you had the opportunity to get back the one that you should have never let slip away?

Loreley and Jason had everything but unfortunately life got in the way and when it ended they were both left devastated.

Loreley moved on and Jason well, this rock star’s profile went through the roof!

But time and tide stands still for no man, and now tragedy has them back in each other’s lives.

Is fate throwing them both a lifeline, Loreley has only ever loved Jason and he has never been able to get over what happened all those years ago?

The natural progression of their lives means that they have a lot to make up for but Jason is determined to be heard and squares up to Loreley and demands that she listens to what he has to say.

I love the fact that despite his success, he was just so normal, and the story doesn’t dwell on his fame, it concentrated on the fact that like anyone, he was a man that loved his woman and would stop at nothing to win her back. But they have to get all the misunderstanding out of the way first.

Can they forgive each other, not only for the mistakes they have made but for the stubbornness that they have both exhibited by refusing to address the fact that there has always been something there between the two of them and they have wasted 6 years!

This was a normal, easy to read love story, two people who needed to find a way back to each other and that deserved a hard earned happy ever after.