by Melanie Harlow

Whilst I would happily say that I enjoyed the story, I would also have to say that there just seemed to be something missing, something that I couldn’t quite put my finger, and that for me left me feeling that this had room to grow.

As far as a second chance romance goes this was a solid read, it had characters that I enjoyed and a plot line that seemed to tick all the boxes, but I just wasn’t feeling it and I think I narrowed it down to the fact that I didn’t connect completely with Maren, I don’t know why but there was something that just held me back and that was probably more me that the author because I totally loved Dallas!

I liked the fact that despite the time that had passed from their initial connect up until them meeting up again, very little of the passion that had been so evident between them had disappeared, but could Maren find it in her heart to listen to what Dallas had to say, to hear him out and to finally understand why he had skipped out of not just her but town all those years ago without so much as a goodbye?

Unequivocally well written I feel that it would be unfair of me to mark this harshly for something which is entirely my fault.

So please, this should be judged by the fact that the author produced a story that whilst I couldn’t quite get to grips with one of the characters, I just couldn’t let go of the story and that has to stand for something.

Topic: ONLY HIM by Melanie Harlow

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