All My Truths & One Lie

by Fabiola Francisco

This was more of an experience than a book and one that I am still coming to terms with as I write this review… I will try to keep this spoiler free, but I don’t know if I will be able to contain my excitement, because I loved the timbre and pace of the book, the dynamic of the characters spoke to me and their inner struggles were not only pitched perfectly but was able to encourage an element of self-reflection.

Navia had a real awakening when she meets Marcus, mainly because she had to learn to overcome her tendency to hold herself back, and to doubt not only herself but also those around her.

So, could she trust Matthias…and more to the point would she allow herself the chance to be happy?

Both Matthias and Navia had secrets that could have so easily derailed their journey, I was rooting for them all the way, even when at times it seemed as if they found it hard to root for themselves.

But by the time I flipped over the last page, I couldn’t hide the smile on my face, I thought Matthias was totally charming, he was the perfect man for Navia and whilst not everything was presented through rose tinted glasses, I have to say that for me it couldn’t have been better.


Topic: All My Truths & One Lie by Fabiola Francisco

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