Life's What You Make It by Theresa Troutman

This is not set amongst your average youngsters, these guys are rich – and by that I mean rich as in the filthy sense – they have means, money and zero sense of responsibility.

The story lays the ground work early on for the development of Bash throughout the book and I have to say that as much as he was an ass to start with I actually took to him and wanted to see what the author had in store for him.

Life was one sea of irresponsibility until in the blink of an eye on one ill-fated night – everything changed but as his family garner around him in what you think would be protection you will be sadly mistaken because I got the feeling that it was more about them saving face than their son’s wellbeing.

Shipped off at his mother’s behest – he is forced to take a look at the person he is and what he sees is not someone he likes and is not what and who he wants to be and to his credit I think he finally sees that it is only him that has the power to change his future, not that his mother would agree.

I liked Bash – I could have bashed him around the head at times but he had a naivety in a way that spoke to me, he loved his Nanny and had a fabulous relationship with his tutor Tess.

But could he cut the apron strings and stand tall being the man that he needed to be, not for anyone other than himself.

I felt like he could finally grow into the man he was supposed to be and with Tess he could find a love that he had never really experienced before.

Tess was like a breath of fresh air in Bash’s life and she breezed her way through the book and I loved that about her, she wore no airs and graces, she was determined and resolute but she cared for those around her and most of all she cared for Bash.

The end appeared at first to be a tad surprising but I have to say that on reflection it was pitched perfectly and I am keen to see where the story goes next.