Cherry Beats

by Vicki James

There are characters in a story that are willing to let you into their lives and to share their love with you , and there are other characters that don’t just let you in…nope they drag you in by the scruff on the neck and refuse point blank to let you leave until they are done showing you what love really looks like …this is one of those stories.

Tess and Presley have a love that is almost unfathomable, neither of them seemed 100% certain of what they had going between the two of them but it was a love was listening to no-one else because it had an agenda of its own and they needed to strap in and hold on because their journey was going to be wild.

Presley was the perfect rocker, a drummer that was more than willing to live his life to the beat of his own drum but that doesn’t mean that he has a life that is full to the brim with happiness, far from it. He came across as a lonely guy drowning in a sea of faces. And the more people around him only seemed to intensify the fact that everyone wanted a piece of him when all he really wanted was peace.

Tess, wasn’t always playing with a full deck at times and I have to admit that I was ready to reach through the screen and throttle her at times but that didn’t deter from the fact that she didn’t half pack a pocketful of sass and when she had to pick up the baton and show the world what she was made of…boy did she!

Together they were just what each other needed; they were able to keep themselves sane, able to negotiate the peculiarities that they each had with their parents. I mean neither set of oldies was what you would have wished for in the parental lottery but Presley and Tess they were able to make sure that could keep the negativity from coming between them.

This was a love conquers all story, and they had a lot to conquer…there was angst and attitude aplenty, there were secrets to be uncovered and troubles waiting in the wings to do their utmost to pull the plug on their happiness.

But could they keep it together and show the world that when it came to being who they wanted to be…this pair had it licked?

With a super slick writing style and a level of detail that must have had the author knee deep in Wikipedia this was quite simply beautiful.

I hope that I get to read more about the rest of the band, because I am sure there is more magnificence just waiting to flex their Rockstar magnificence!


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