Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch

by Elise Faber

There was nothing not to like about this book and I am not saying that to put the book down in any way, because it was the perfect accompaniment to a lazy, rainy day. I could snuggle up on the sofa and just while away the hours.

Kelly worked hard for a living and put up with a lot both personally and professionally from Rex Roosevelt. But when he skips town, leaving not only his business but her with a little more on the plate than they would have wanted.

But that doesn’t mean she should tar his whole family with the same brush because when his brother Justin rocks up to try and salvage something from the mess that Rex has left behind, she is less than accommodating. But with a child on the way she is going to have to get an handle on her situation because after all Rex is gone and Justin is about to become an Uncle…or is this brother ready for a little more responsibility?

The two of them didn’t exactly make it easy for themselves but there was a spark between the two of them that they just had to work out how to handle.

Could they make a go of it and more to the point would Rex get in their way or would he finally do the adult thing and stay out of their lives?

Cleverly created, this was very well written and took a scenario that while not totally unique was handled with a deft touch and with a personalisation that brought it to life.

Will certainly read from this author again.

Topic: Disaster at Roosevelt Ranch by Elise Faber

Date: 14/12/2016

By: Sara Meadows

Subject: DARR

Thank you so much for supporting Elise's new book, and for the great review!

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