The Playboy's Secret Virgin

by Tasha Fawkes, M. S. Parker

I read this a few weeks ago and I must admit I forgot to put my thoughts down when I had finished it so I did a reread and I had to say that on the whole I thought that the story was a decent read and although it wasn’t a totally unique scenario it was enjoyable.

Meeting Anthony her new boss should have been a momentous day for Jane and in a way it was, just not for the right reasons, first of all she manages to coat herself in coffee before she even lays eyes on him and then ends up in an unfortunately situation where no matter what she said, the guy she was talking to just didn’t seem to be getting the message…obviously No wasn’t a word he was familiar with but it was new boss Anthony who stepped in to help her out and it was as clear as the nose on her face that there was a spark between the two of them…but I don’t know that they had any idea just that spark would grow!

I liked Anthony. Under the cosh by his father, not only for his womanising ways but also for the fact that he had been set a business ultimatum….make the target that had been set or he would be kicked out of the company.  Now, that wasn’t something he was willing to face up to, so with Jane’s assistance he reaches the goal that his dad set. You would think that, that would have been good enough…not a chance, his father didn’t take kindly to the fact that his success had been a  team effort and fired him anyway.

I liked the fact that the two of them didn’t just take the situation lying down, they struck out on their own and started their own business.

Jane wasn’t his normal type but she was the one woman that he knew meant more to him than any other women that he had been with previously…with Jane he was ready to play for keeps.

I read this is one sitting and I have to say it was perfect escapism.

Topic: The Playboy's Secret Virgin by Tasha Fawkes, M. S. Parker

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