Beat by Vi Keeland


This is passion in its purest form and it is handed over to you between the covers of a book that can only be described as exquisite.

This is the story of a love that refuses to be curtailed. And it needed the deft touch that Vi Keeland brought to the task in order to make the story not only shine but to sparkle.

Lucky was a sensational character, she was completely absorbed by music, it had been both her salvation and her distraction for longer than she cared to recall.

She is emotionally existing day to day until her eyes and heart are opened by the magnificence that is Flynn.

Flynn is no-one’s fool but when he sees the beauty that is Lucky, he may just have been struck stupid because from laying eyes on her, he knows in his soul that life, as he has always known it is over.

But he has an issue, Lucky has a man, albeit one that is an ass and absolutely no good for her but Dylan is the headline act on the tour that Flynn and his band have just joined.

But Flynn has a new purpose and an absolute determination and he takes it slow and steady as he begins to get to know Lucky, and in the process he also gets to know more about himself, especially the fact that he needs this woman in his life, permanently!

I loved his certainty, the fact that he couldn’t be deterred, that he knew that she was the person he needed to make his life complete, to give him his purpose, and that purpose was nothing more than to love her.

I was terrified and I really do mean terrified that Lucky would take the strength of feeling that Flynn had for her and run for the hills, he was pretty full on most of the time but he was what she needed and I had everything crossed that she would be willing to give herself a break and let him love her the way she truly deserved to be loved – with complete adoration.

Both Flynn and Lucky took root in my soul and I welcomed them both with open arms, Lucky was such a quietly strong woman, with a spirit that continued to fight her demons discreetly on in the inside, while all the time she was battling to keep the eyes of those around her off her, but with Flynn in her life that might be harder than she could have ever imagined.

Flynn may be the rock star that he had always dreamed of being but that played second fiddle to him being the man that he had been brought up to be, he was the complete package, talented but humble (ish) – grounded by family and especially his sister and niece.

He could have people jumping through hoops for him but instead he takes the attention that his position means he cannot avoid and accepts it with grace and goodwill.

But can he help Lucky to see that her place in his life means more to him than any of the trappings that come with his fame, because he knew that without Lucky it all meant nothing and if necessary he would walk away in order to keep her.

The relationship or moreover the depth of feeling that these two shared was heart-stoppingly beautiful, they were more than most could possibly fathom and I adored them for it.

They took what they had and gave it life, they lit the world around them with a love that defied description.

Vi Keeland gave me a couple that showed me what we should all endeavour to have in life, someone who will stop at nothing to love us with a passion that we could never tire of.

They were glorious in their love and oblivious to the fact that they made the world around them a brighter place by the way the let their love flourish.

Their’s is the type of love that is rare to find in real life and even rarer to read about but it could and should be used as an example of not only the love that we all deserve but as a guide to what it takes to be one of the best authors in the genre!