Loyal Cheaters by Lacey Silks

Pigeon holing this one is a far from easy task because it is so much more than a romance.

If anything I would say it is a full on thriller that just happens to be on the slightly hotter side of anything you might have picked up before!

There is plenty of drama and suspense throughout the story and a host of characters that you will quickly become invested in.

The story between Ace and Zoey is complicated and now they’re back in each other’s lives it doesn’t exactly look like it is going to get any easier. Six years have passed and the hurt of past transgressions are still apparent but this time in a bit to make amends Ace may just have made her situation a whole lot worse.

Can Zoey finally get over the hurt she has carried for so long or will she fight the way she feels to the bitter end?

Can Ace finally get his opportunity at redemption to make her see that the last six years have been his own personal hell and now all he wants is to have her back where she belongs and that is with him.

But do they get what they both need and desire or will the other forces at work make their future a thing of the past?

Ace and Zoey were good characters but I felt their story was most definitely enhanced by the inclusion of some characters from the author previous works. The book is swift but direct and I liked that about it, I also loved the fact that neither character was shy in keeping us the reader abreast of what they were thinking.

Topic: Loyal Cheaters by Lacey Silks

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