Under the Covers by Rebecca Zanneti


Under The Covers - The Maverick Montana Series by Rabecca Zanetti

Book 2 of the series and my immediate purchase after finishing Against the Wall.

Quinn Lodge - the epitomy of Alpha - super hot cowboy and town sheriff to boot!!

Juliet Montgomery- Gallery Owner and newcomer to town- slighty aloof and determined to say well and truely off everyone's radar.

Thrown together with Quinn as a favour in order to negate a rent payment on her gallery, Juliet is on high alert when it comes to Quinn. She has no problem admitting that she is seriously attracted to him but in his line of work and with the secret that she ran from potentially ready to rear its ugly head at any minute . Distance is most definately her friend.

Quinn on the other hand knows exactly what he wants - he wants what his brother Jake has with Sophie - he wants a family, he wants roots and to settle and he wants all that with Juliet.

Devious ex partners and ruthless siblings leave the pair with a lot of hurdles to overcome and more than their fair share of danger to navigate to their happy ever after.

Jake flexes his legal muscles to assist Juliet at her time of need and just when her relationship with Quinn takes a nose dive - fate lend them a helping hand.

A stud between the sheets, a demon in the saddle and as chivalrous as they come- Quinn Lodge is an absolute peach - who couldn't love a man that would climb a tree for his woman!

Can't wait for the next one in the series - bring on Colton.

Rating 4.5 out of 5