One Kiss with a Rock Star by Amber Lin and Shari Slade


I hadn’t read the first book in the series before I began this one, mistake – no I don’t thinks because I’m not actually sure that having read it would have necessarily added anything to this story, because this book stood up to scrutiny all on its own.

Krist and Madeline are the main players in the events that are contrived around them, playing the parts that are dictated to them, following Krist’s major cock-up (and yes I mean that in every sense of the word).

Krist’s sex tape literally blew up the internet when it went viral, threatening the carefully constructed image of his band, while Madeline is well known for many things, but namely for being the bad girl of the pop world.

Apart, they easily have the power to self-destruct but together could they really save not only each other but salvage their careers in the process.

Well we are about to find out!

The PR masterminds ( deluded little Hitler’s) decide that in a bid to rebuild the public image of both Krist and Madeline, they should embark on a carefully managed “engagement”- yep like that has success written all over it!

I wasn’t sure that it was something that I could envisage for either Krist or Madeline, they were both feisty enough to have told the powers that be to take a hike!

I mean these are the guys that get paid to come up with bright ideas, how to make the world love you again and this is the best they could manage? Really!!

Mind you neither, Krist and Madeline going to pass up a prime opportunity, and they decide that they might as well make the most of their forced “engagement” and enjoy all the conjugal rights that go along with that status.

But when it all ends, Krist isn’t quite ready to let go, but can he get across to Madeline that they just might make it together!

I have to say that the bisexual character of both Krist and Madeline certainly made for an eventful sex life, I mean that nothing was off the table when it came to this pair. Phew!!!!

But what I thought was regretful and it was nothing with the book itself, it was how the story highlighted the disparaging attitude of society today, the fact that there is still an undercurrent of what society dictates is deemed to be “acceptable” and their sexual preferences and delectations are definitely not considered to normal.

How dare the “media” and the so called great and good, weld power over others in such a way, expecting them to show remorse for their so called misdeeds- a completely archaic and imperious attitude.

But back to the book, I liked the way that we saw the situation from both of their points of view and in the end it made for a sweet story of two people who when forced together, managed to not only find resolve but love.

Oh, and by the way… the sex is astonishing!!!