by Adriana Locke

What a way to kick off the new series, I had no idea that when Sienna got her own story that I was going to love it as much, mind you I have a feeling that I and going to love the Gibson boys even more!!!

I loved Sienna in the Landry Family Series (if you haven’t read them then you should because you are missing a belting series), for me she was such a nice character, determined and focussed, she danced to her own tune some may say but that’s never a bad thing in my book. But in this series, she may just have met her match and it comes all wrapped up in the most deliciously divine package Walker Gibson…honestly the man should be issued with a health warning, he was totally sinful and that’s just from the picture I painted in my head!!

While their initial meeting was a bumpy one, it was obvious that they both had desires to make more of their acquaintance but as much as what you see is what you get with Sienna, it was far from that with Walker, he played his cards closer to his chest and that made for more than a few sticky situations. He frustrated Sienna in many ways by not letting her in, she wanted so much to be included in every aspect of his life and they were getting there but just when I thought they had turned a corner and life was going to give them the happy ending I wanted, there was an almighty spanner thrown in to the mix that I never saw coming and it almost derailed everything they had. Could they get over it…well, that was far from certain!

A superb read, with a strong emphasis on family and graft, this was a book that brought the feel-good factor to the page and made sure that it was there to stay.

A fabulous cast of characters including a plethora of secondary characters that were totally captivating and a few of the Landry boys too…phew!!!

What else can a woman ask for???...well, more please springs to mind!!!

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