Lily and the Beast 2 by Amelia Jayne

The situation between Aidan and Lily has reached a crossroads, decisions have to be made and both futures and circumstances that once seemed so certain are no longer.

Emotions run rife between the pair of them as they try to find an even keel from which to move forward from.

It is a long slow process but I have to say that the emotions that were evident in the first book continue to determine the direction in which the two of them are headed.

When Lily discovers that her father is dying, with Aidan’s blessing she leaves to spend time with him and her family but all is not what she had been led to believe, her father beggars belief to be quite honest and as for her sisters – well I have to say that I was beyond shocked at their attitude.

Lily is not the little girl she was when she left and is not prepared to stay, so to everyone’s surprise she turns to the one person that you would have thought she would keep at arm’s length- Aidan.

In book one I think I had it in my head that maybe there was a little bit of Stockholm Syndrome going on between Aidan and Lily – but actually I have a had my eyes opened and I can now see that the tie between the two of them is one that they have cultivated themselves – one that has grown and evolved and that despite and I do mean despite the start that they had, it is real for them and something that they both have to learn to deal with.

Aidan is in alien territory, no matter how hard he tries to fight it, Lily has feelings for him that she cannot hide and he seems to spend much of his time trying to talk himself out of the fact that this beautiful woman wants to be with him.

While a life together would never be run of the mill, is anything about their relationship that is?

A leap of faith is required from them both in order to settle things and the author ensures that this pacey story doesn’t let up or let you in on all of its secrets right up to the very end.

Lily and Aidan are a couple that will make you think, make you consider the rights and wrongs of love and make you see that no matter what, when you let love into your heart, you are no longer in control because it is definitely one beast that cannot be tamed!