Bradley's Whistle

by Kirsty Dallas


I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I was keen to see what the author had up her sleeve for this, the next instalment.

This is Bradley (AKA Emerson) and Wiska story and I have to say that despite the less than conventional introduction ( friends of a friend doing each other a favour and all that) and career path (Wiska is a porn star), they were characters that it was difficult not to fall for.

Previously they have both had relationship that have left them on the wrong side of cautions, so neither of them are looking for anything particularly but they cannot help but be attracted to each other. But is this an attraction that they can keep contained or will wanton lust win the day?

Secrets surround them both and I found myself hard pressed to understand why they were being so cagey but then again Bradley was a secretive soul anyway, nobody really knew what he was up to – hence the fact that he lived in London , keeping well away from his family.

But Wilka career meant that she was fodder for the tabloid journals and the paparazzi alike, she was hounded but a person can only take so much, her career was not what defined her, it was just a shame that the public had no idea what she was really like. She was full of ambition, full of ideas and I admired that about her, she wanted more than she already had.

But the key to finding a happy ever after is honesty and once they had worked that little chestnut out I was smiling from ear to ear because it gave them a real shot at having a proper relationship.

The story is funny, honestly I laughed so much, my sides were sore!

But over and above the humour the book was such a sweet read.

They were great together, they were considerate and affectionate, much as I would have expected. Their life wasn’t full to the brim of sexual exploits and they worked hard to find the find what worked for them.

I have to say though that while I loved some of the other characters in the book, like Casey and Lionel, I really didn’t like either Davina or Kasper – I could have easily wished a plague of locusts on them!!!