He Wants Me Books 1-3 by Julia Swift


I’m sort of going to review all three of these books in one go, so bear with me.

Book One,

Really this was a setting the ground rules book, as you would expect from the first book of the series. But it is obvious early on that I was going to love Landon, he was just so sharp, so witty that despite his wealth or maybe because of it he really had no brain to mouth filter.

Megan was worked as a personal assistant for one Landon’s clients and the two of them sort of hit it off. But her boss was a class one ass and she really despised the man.

But things take a twist that I hadn’t actually anticipated when Megan finds Landon in a potentially incriminating situation because now it is more than just her heart on the line.

A quick, witty and clever story – I couldn’t wait to get started on book 2


Book Two,

Now picking right back up from where the first book left this is dealing with aftermath of the cliff-hanger and I hope by now that you know what it is.

I liked the fact that we got to see more of Megan’s character and determination and that the suspense of the events that had unfolded were still shrouded in mystery so to speak.

Landon was adamant that he was not to blame for what had happened that he was a victim in all of this too but could someone be out to get him and if so why?

I found this book completely intriguing – it left me with more questions than I had anticipated but it also made book three a must!


Book Three,

Ok, so I’ve just about picked my jaw and my heart back up off the floor following the end of book two and now I’m right back in the thick of it again, when is someone going to cut this pair a break!

I adore Landon, he is just such a man’s man, such a complete bloke that he is impossible not to fall for.

But that doesn’t mean that I have made my mind up completely about whether he is to blame or not.

I don’t want to think that it is him but there haven’t appeared to have been any other credible suspects touted yet and I get the feeling that circumstances that are surrounding them may not be working in his favour.

This is my favourite of the series so far, it is a real whodunit and I am hooked!


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