by T.M. Frazier

I don’t know if TM Frazier has any idea of just how much of an impact her writing has on us as readers because this has rendered me practically useless for most of the day…and it’s a workday …productivity absolutely zilch!

Anyway, less about me and meanderings and more about the enigma that is Kevin Clearwater, aka Nine.

As you would expect the story was full to the brim with not just emotion but also conflict and I mean that in as much as Nine should or could have you leaning towards being angsty about not only what he has been through but also some of the things he has done whilst he has been trying to survive in a world that dealt him a c**p hand.

From start to finish there was just something about him that was hard to pin down. I wanted to learn more about him, I was eager to absorb every detail of the intensity that was his reality, his day to day life that he didn’t just live…no he endured.

I have loved the King series and in the main, this wasn’t as dark as I actually had anticipated but don’t think that, that means it’s easy, far from it! Nine’s childhood, the cacophony of abuse in all its guises that he experienced as he was dragged through the foster system was staggering, this was a young man that learned the hard way to rely on no-one.

But when a chance encounter gives him cause to consider change, I was desperate to find out where this enigmatic man was headed.

The situation surrounding Nine and Lenny was enough to keep me totally hooked, their connection underpinning the who story, the mystery, and confusion, the angst, and attitude, the pair of them provided it all.

Lenny was an interesting character, she had a lot going on in her own life that didn’t include Nine but add him into her story and the two of them set the page alight. I loved that Nine was so fiercely protective towards Lenny that she got to feel his need to protect her, and the level with which he was willing to go to in order to ensure that he succeeded in that task.

Others may experience the intensity of his violence but with Lenny, this smart guy was something else, he was emotionally connected and physically invested in being her guy!

A sexy as sin connection brought their physicality off the page, and his potty mouth left me gasping, I was in heaven! Lucky Lenny!

A delightful trip back into the arms of the King Family I was thrilled that Nine was welcomed into the fold, that he finally found his place, his family, his woman.  The love that there is for the men of Logan Beach is phenomenal and the love they each show for those that they care about is exceptional, they have little in life that they are willing to die for, except their families and Nine is no different!


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