Midwest Fighter

by Jennifer Ann


Knock out!!

Jennifer Ann …OMG what a book!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, I have had the teasers over the last few weeks and they really have piqued my interest but you know the score, sometime the book doesn’t live up to the hype.

Not this time…this time the hype was way off the mark…this book kicked serious ass!!

But it was more than just a knock out it was beautiful, this was love in all its guises, it was both heart-breaking and tragic but hopeful and hysterical. It brought seriousness when necessary but allowed the characters their opportunity to smile.

I haven’t read the first book but this more than stood up on its own, although I have book one lined up read to go later!

I found the story very emotional. It was jam packed with so many twists and turns it was almost impossible, no scrub that it was impossible to get a handle on which way this very talented author was going to take the characters next, they had more angst and upheaval than I thought either of them were ever going to be able to handle.

I liked James, he might have had a temper that could almost get the better of him at times but Sharlo was more than a match for his fluctuating temperament. Sharlo was funny, she made me smile and I adored the way that she only wanted what was best for James but they were complete opposites, so while I hoped that this was a case of opposites attracting but I couldn’t help worry that they had a long way to go to find a happy middle ground.

I read each page wondering what they were going to be hit with next. It has been a while since I read a couple that have had to endure so much, they seemed to be constantly in the firing line.

I might not have been in full on sob mode through this book but it was certainly more emotional than I thought it was going to be, I sniffled and snivelled my way through more pages than I care to admit.

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