by Ker Dukey


This is Ryan’s story and what a story it is.

If you have read Empathy then this is the story that you have been waiting for since the conclusion of that novel, if you haven’t then please stop now and read it!

Ryan has spent almost twenty years locked in the psych facility, if they thought keeping him there would change him then they are sorely misguided but then again what did you expect?

Blake and Melody are leading what they can call fairly normal lives, until the day that Blake learns that Ryan has been released. He makes a decision not to tell Melody about Ryan but to monitor Ryan’s movements as best he can., never a good move keeping stuff from the missus Blake – because the rift it can cause has the potential to be catastrophic.

But Melody has her own worries, she senses that her daughter Cereus is pulling away and with the issues that are pulling her marriage apart, she is at breaking point.

After gaining his freedom, Ryan has fixated on Cereus. And I think my favourite fruit-loop gets more than he bargains for when he discovers that she is a lot like him.

Ryan was a belter of a character – a no holds barred head- case!! Please don’t get your hopes up that he is suddenly joined the happy brigade because believe me you may be disappointed. His madness is just glorious too read, he had me captivated!

His language and mannerisms were just pitched to complete perfection – he really didn’t give a damn what other thought of him and gave no quarter with regards to the devastation that he left in his wake wherever he goes.

The book is quite possibly in a class of its own or perhaps I should say that Ryan is definitely in a class of his own!!

Superb Ker Dukey – simply superb!!