Olivia's Ride by CA Harms

This is the latest from an author that never ceases to amaze me, CA Harms has always given us stories with strong characters, her men leave nothing behind when it comes to loving and protecting their women and families but with this story, she brings us full circle because this is Ryan’s daughter Olivia’s moment in the spotlight and much like her fabulous father she doesn’t disappoint.

Olivia doesn’t suffer fools gladly, she is as independent as they come, except of course where her family is concerned, so when the opportunity arrives and she has the chance to finally stand tall, she heads off to college and away from the immediate protection of her family. Now some might say that the sort of family she has is the sort that any kid would be proud of but Olivia needs to kick back a bit, experience the world for herself and to call it like it is, after all she is Ryan’s daughter she is more than capable of standing her own ground.

So when she gets propositioned by the one guy in college that she wouldn’t touch with a barge pole. She has no problem putting him firmly in his place and that is in the …not a chance in h**l pile!

I liked Olivia, he had an old head on a young body so to speak, she was grounded and that was a lovely trait about her and I wasn’t the only person to have that opinion. Because watching her slap a brother down was Keeton and he found this feisty filly completely enthralling.

Olivia was like no-one he had ever met before, her genuine attitude and no nonsense demeanour spoke to him, he had to get to know her a little better but would she want to know him?

I wasn’t sure how it would go but there was something about Keeton’s character that had my fingers crossed for him. Much like Olivia, college had been an escape for Keeton but for entirely the opposite reasons, Olivia was loved unconditionally at home and needed to spread her wings, Keeton was had a father that was nothing short of reprehensible and a brother that he couldn’t wait to get away from. Life was everything he never wanted it to be and getting away and into college gave him the chance to breathe.

But would Keeton survive Olivia, would she be able to curb her sass and give the guy a chance?

I really hoped so because they had what I thought was the perfect combination, they almost balanced each other out so to speak, because for all the crap that Keeton had going on at home, he had yet to have the pleasure of meeting Ryan, Noah and Jackson and they were more than ready to put him through his paces…poor soul! But I admired the fact that no matter what they threw at him he knuckled down and got on with it, he was a grower so to speak and by the end of the book I was chief cheerleader – the guy was epic!

I thought that the author gave the two of them the best of both worlds, she showed that a daddy’s little girl will always be a daddy’s little girl but that doesn’t mean that she has to be precious. Olivia was a thoroughly modern miss, she was perfectly well prepared by a family that doted on her to handle everything that the world threw at her and survive but she also knew that she would never ever be completely alone, their love for her was not only non-negotiable but completely unconditional. Keeton didn’t have that type of family behind him but he had it in him, he was an all-in type of guy, just the sort that a protective father was going to take to heart and be able to trust with his little girl.

A fantastic read, one that shows this author at her best.


Topic: Olivia's Ride by CA Harms

Date: 06/07/2016

By: Cathie Botelho

Subject: Olivia's Ride

Super excited to continue this incredible series with Olivia's story of finding love...this is one terrific, entertaining read. I can't wait for the next book by this talented author.

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