Dead Man's Ink Boxset

by Callie Hart

This is a trilogy that I am certain will leave me running out of superlatives, it is almost impossible to find the right words to express just how good it really is…it is simply magnificent.

As you would expect with a box set that has its core in the MC, the author doesn’t sugar coat the story in anyway, she gives it to you straight and allows the characters there opportunity to tell their story and that is how I view the books, it is the characters narrating their lives, warts and all. It isn’t all sweetness, it would be completely foolish to have ever thought that it might be but it is honest, it is raw and it is filled to the brim with characters that ware willing to not only live but die for those that they love.

As the stories unravel it is completely impossible not to get sucked in, for the characters’ lives not to become almost personally important, they mattered not only to each other but to me as the reader, I was looking for their happy ever afters, be that a foolish wish or not it was one that I couldn’t escape.

I liked the fact that the author didn’t just bring the main players too life, she pitched up the whole club, they each had their part to play.

The relationships that evolved between the guys and the women that mattered too them simply blew me away and as you peel back the layers of their lives, I have no doubt that you will feel the same way.

Topic: Dead Man's Ink Boxset by Callie Hart

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