Crave Me

by Stacey Lynn

Submissive Chloe knows exactly who she wants to show her the life that she is desperate to be a part of, but there is a connection that puts the two of them on an almost insurmountable collision course that could have devastating consequences for not only them but Chloe’s family because Chloe wants Simon and he just happens to be her sisters ex.

Now that should have been a huge red flag but it only seemed to spur her on. No matter the pain that her sister felt when she became aware of Simon’s taste for BDSM, Chloe is not deterred, she is certain that she will have him but I’m not sure that, that is how a Dom & Sub situation is supposed to work…oh this was going to be good!

Simon hated that his lifestyle came between him and Cassie, but it is who he is and as much as he loved her and tried to include her in a lifestyle that gives him what he needs, he didn’t foresee that she would walk away. It hurt that she turned her back on him but the current situation leaves him with a more immediate problem because as tempted as he is, he is in no hurry to get his fingers burnt twice and tells Chloe to find herself another Dom.

That ultimatum left me with a bad feeling that she was going to do something rash and I wasn’t mistaken because she eventually gets her way when Simon steps in to show her the ropes after she is hurt during a particularly bad scene at the club.

So, as you might imagine, there is little chance of the two of them keeping their connection purely physical, but don’t think you know how it is going to play out because this author has a trick or two up her sleeve.

I really liked Chloe and Simon together, he was exactly what I imagine a Dom to be, I thought the author pitched his character to absolute perfection and I felt a connection to him. Chloe was a little pushy somewhat but then again, I suppose that was to be expected, this was a woman that was used to getting what she wanted, I saw here submission as her chance to switch off from the pressures that her day to day life heaped upon her.

While I liked the two of them and the time they were together was off the charts hot, I think I would have liked a little more time with the two of them and a bit more of where their agreement was headed out of the club.

Topic: Crave Me by Stacey Lynn

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