Bargaining for the Billionaire by JM Stewart

The years may have passed but the feelings are just the same, Grayson Lockwood loved Madison O'Reilly right up until the day everything he wanted slipped through his fingers.

A truth that when revealed laid everything he had with her to waste, a truth that showed that he had done everything for her but afford her the courtesy of his honesty. His lie was more by omission than by deceit but Madison didn’t see it that way and although she wasn’t exactly willing to share the whole truth behind her reaction, she couldn’t forget what he had done and so their relationship came to an end.

Madison had been though more than most, events in her past had almost forged her into the woman she was now, and not necessarily in a good way so to speak. While I understood where she was coming from I did think that she was being a little hasty but who am I to pass judgement. Her decision to part from Grayson wasn’t as clear cut as she might have wanted it to be because the time they have spent apart, hasn’t lessened the way she feels about him, she loves him and always will but she is a stubborn thing and refuses to back down. Oh foolish woman!

She was withering, socially reclusive her friends were sick of seeing her so miserable, but the plan they came up with. Really that was a big step from where she had been, from the social doldrums to being the date for the winner of a bachelor auction. Nothing like diving in with both feet!

Christina hosts the auction ever year, and would have thought that Madison might have been a little more suspicious but obviously not because she is soon receiving text messages from her mysterious man “Dave”. One little problem with all that is that “Dave” is none other than Grayson and given what happened before when he misled her was again left keeping my fingers crossed that it all didn’t back fire. But he was willing to try anything, he couldn’t just sit back any longer and exist. He wanted her back and he was willing to do whatever it took but would “Dave” be the man for the job!

Madison was intrigued by “Dave” and they really started to warm to each other through their text messages and online chats but the potential to be an unmitigated disaster was excruciating, I think I read a huge portion of the book while biting the inside of my lip and hoping that they made it through not only unscathed but together.

I loved Grayson, the passion he showed, the determination and the desire to have Madison back in his life was purposeful and enchanting, here was a man that could have had any woman he wanted, but no-one measured up…he had his woman, he just had to find a way to win her round. To prove to her that his heart, belong to her and her alone.

While I didn’t dislike Madison, she certainly wasn’t my favourite character, he had the patience of a saint because she certainly doesn’t make it easy for him once they finally meet face to face and at one point I think I may have actually have started to scream at my kindle, really woman cut the guy some slack! But the chemistry between them was undeniable, they lit each other up they just had to find a way to not burn each other out in the process.

As you would expect the story was one that I devoured in no time. Fabulously written this is a series not just a novel not to be missed.

Topic: Bargaining for the Billionaire by JM Stewart

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