Passing Peter Parker

by JD Hollyfield

For a novella I would have to say that this packed more in than some full length stories I’ve read, it had enough going on that it not only caught my attention but kept it!

It was a sharp, witty and romantic (and in some parts very spicy) read, just what every woman needs for some serious down time.

Down on her luck the fabulous Gretchen may have had to take a step backwards in order to gather herself together enough to start afresh so now she is back not only living with her sister but working under her, hardly ideal but there had to be a positive to come out of it all somewhere…. surely!!

That positive and he was most definitely a huge plus point was Peter. A little slow on the uptake Gretchen was more inclined to divert her eyes to the fine specimen that was the PE teacher Ben but it didn’t take long for this mild mannered (or so it would seem) science teacher to show her exactly how what she was missing.

Mr Parker was everything she needed but didn’t know she was looking for and from first appearances I would have to say that I’m with her, the guy hid just about everything about him from those within the school walls but when Gretchen got a peek at who really lay beneath that calm exterior she had her hands full with a man that possessed everything needed to be the perfect alpha male!

Peter was more than a match for Gretchen, willing to take everything that would have had lesser men running for the hills, safe in the knowledge that together they had the opportunity to find a very happy place.

But would she let him? Could she be tamed almost? And if she could would they find a compatibility that would last happy ever after?

A super, sharp and quick read that did just what I needed…. brightened up my day. Loved the characters and the authors witty dialogue.

Topic: Passing Peter Parker by JD Hollyfield

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