Sacked in Seattle

by Jami Davenport

One word of warning- Tissues!

I’m happy with a sports romance, I don’t know why because I am the least sport person you are ever likely to come across but give me a sporting romance and I am a happy soul. So, when I picked this one up I was ready for my usual read…this is anything but usual.

From start to finish (in one sitting might I add) this was superb. The rollercoaster of emotions knocked me for six, I’m not sure what I was expecting if truth be told but I hadn’t expected to be reaching for the tissue quite so readily!

Tragedy tore Tiff and Riley apart when they were younger but what was in the past refuses to stay in the past no matter how much Tiff may have wanted it too, and when she is faced with dealing with Riley again the emotions were always going to run riot.

Riley loved Tiff, he always had but he is older and wiser now and having been on the receiving end of what a broken heart can do to you, he is was in no hurry to tread that path again…could they find common ground and if they could would they be able to work their way through the past mistakes and heartache?

I was chomping at the bit for this pair to see that they belonged together but the author wasn’t willing to make it all that easy for either them of me. She made sure that “we” both were hung out to dry by the time the end arrived.

But the question is did they arrive at the end together? Well ?????

Topic: Sacked in Seattle by Jami Davenport

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