The Art of Sin by Alexandrea Weis


This is a new author to me and I have to say it was a fabulous introduction – The Art of Sin is exactly that artistically sinful!

It gave me a really gutsy feeling, one that had me hanging on every word. They just came to life in my hand sand I was swept along with their story. Grady used to work the markets – a Wall Street guy who has fallen foul of the economic situation as have many others.

But this guys has no intension of letting his situation get him down, and while it may not be ideal he is determined to make a living, no matter what. So buoyed by the fact that he always was able to conjure up a revenue stream he picks himself up and  finding that his looks are his golden ticket he goes back to what he used to do in college – stripping.

Desperate folk take desperate measures but Grady has this one down pat and he eventually ends up travelling around shaking his thing!  Eventually he ends up in New Orleans and from there things begin to change.

I wasn’t sure about Allison, she was a bit of a handful, and sure of herself but there was no denying the pull that existed between her and Grady. But as they had a professional relationship she was trying desperately to keep him at arm’s length – WHY???  Is she demented! But Grady doesn’t take no for an answer and when he goes all out to get his woman – he pulled no punches, she got the full on Grady pursuit and it was smouldering!

The author was clever with the detail that she imparted in her story she had her characters nailed and the twists and turns of the plot gave me time to feel the connection not only between the two of them but the one they were building with me. They will cause your heart pain – and I say that out of frustration because at times I could have willingly throttle the pair of them, they will make you laugh and they will intrigue you but above it all you will be rooting for them.

A great book – will definitely be finding some more of this authors work to keep me entertained.