by Staci Hart

There was something altogether adorable about this book and whilst I appreciate that, that may not have been the description that the author was aiming for straight off the bat, I will say that I have a pocket full of others that I am more than willing to lay bare… Delicious, Touching and Totally Gorgeous being just a few.

Amelia was everything that Tommy wasn’t in many ways but yet they were also so similar in others, he was a beautiful man inside and out, but he was missing a piece, something that could only be completed by the compliment that Amelia brought to his life, to his very soul.

The relationship between the two of them was what I would have wanted for this pair, Amelia needed the sensitivity that Tommy could give her, a huge man in every way was just the man to bring this shy, insecure woman to life.

I adored the connection between the two of them, the fact that he was able to encourage her to be everything she could be and that she was able to be just what he needed in life too, they had a chemistry that was never going to allow what they had to fizzle and die , they were worth more than that.

I loved the way that the author brought the pair of them to life, their character was totally believable, they spoke to me, the humour was engaging and the conversations between them were not just funny but also beautifully realistic.

I like the fact that the whilst many would say that their relationship as taken too far too fast, they had faith in what they felt and that the author encouraged us to trust in them both and what they were feeling. This was no mean feat and I soon came to realis that it was no mistake either because there was a strong emphasis on what can happen as a result of putting all your heart, soul and trust into finding your happy ever after.

I ran a gambit of emotions with this, smiling through the tears on a number of occasions but what wasn’t fake was the fact that this duo brought a level of comfort to the page that meant that no matter what Tommy may have been previously, I was totally in love!


Topic: WORK IN PROGRESS by Staci Hart

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