by Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

Now, I should have been totally besotted by this and at times I was but there were also moments where I could have laid it down and walked off, it frustrated me that much.

For the most part that was in the last third of the book that pushed my concentration because I couldn’t help but feel that their story was being not so much rushed more like shimmied along, a lot quicker than I would have liked.

This isn’t the first time we have met Joshua and Bethany but darn it, what we got may have been a long time in the making but it was certainly worth it!  The pace was measured at the beginning, flipping between not only the two of them but also between the past and present.

I liked Bethany for the most part, although her emotional turmoil was a lot to get a handle on but as for Joshua, there were times when I would have loved nothing more than to get my hands on him and give him a darn good shake, he was an acquired taste at times, and sometime more frustrating than I thought humanly possible.

Ballet dancer Bethany just wants to be left alone to make up her own mind on how to live her life, to not have to listen to what her brother wants, what the choreographer wants or even what Joshua wants but when a fan gets a little too enthusiastic and he threats start to arrive, she is faced with dealing with Joshua once more.

Joshua is a tad older than Bethany and for the most part not as much of an a$$ as he was when we last met him but that doesn’t mean he is all sweetness and light because truth be told I’m not sure those are descriptions that could every be thrown his direction but he is definitely less obstructive than he was before, so when he volunteers to be Bethany’s security detail I had no doubt that the fire that had been itching to get started between the two of them was just about to get started.

I really liked the mystery that surrounded Bethany’s stalker, who could possibly be after her and why. The list of possible suspects wasn’t huge, but it was certainly big enough to ensure that you will have to work a little at solving the puzzle.


Topic: Audition by Skye Warren and Amelia Wilde

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