Just Dessert

by Kelly Collins


This is a read that will not be forgotten quickly. It is romantic journey with two people who are about to embark on the ride of their lifetime.

Kat and Damon were great characters, ones that you are given the time and opportunity to get to know and to be enthralled by.

Kat is a determined character, one that has take’s no prisoners, and doesn’t suffer fools but since she was a little girl she has dreamt of nothing more than finding love with the man of her dreams.

Damon was simply glorious, his appearance oozed success but he had a bucket load of issues all curled up inside. Having issue sis one thing but dealing with them is completely different Damon is a rare breed, he wanted to rid himself of the demons that dwelt within.

The story was far from normal, it was full of light and funny moments, rich in emotion and glowing hot in the sex between the two, of them. There was very little that was off the table when it came to these two getting it on, they knew no bounds and without going too far they took their relationship to new heights.

They really are fabulous together, Damon pushes Kat out of her comfort zone while Kat gives Damon the shoulder that he needs to lean on while he rids himself of the past that torments him.

The author did a great job of keeping this book grounded, of keeping the story real and the characters honest. The emotional content was super and the dynamic not only between Kat and Damon but also between the peripheral characters in the book.

If I have one wish having finished the book it would be to have a little bit more of Trevor – he was just amazing!!!