by Maria Vickers

Life for Michaela hasn’t exactly panned out the way she thought it would and she never envisaged being a full-time parent to anyone (well not just yet anyway) but when she is left with limited options, she steps up and takes on the role of parent for her niece Lauren.

She has tried her very best to ensure that Lauren wants for nothing and treats her as her own but things aren’t easy for the child, she has more than her fair share of issues but Michaela is determined to do everything she can to help her plough through. So, when the opportunity of a martial arts class come onto the radar it seemed like a great way of helping Lauren to make sense of some of the things that were plaguing her. What Michaela hadn’t planned for was Evan, the sexy as sin instructor that despite the fact she was so obviously attracted to him…just had to stay at arm’s length, she had more than enough on her plate for the time being without adding the complications of a man into the equation…like that old chestnut was ever going to wash! Pfft!!!

Would Evan listen to her and stay away or would he listen to his heart and make darn sure that the only place he was going was to make her his! He did everything right, he played a slow and steady game but was Michaela taking the bait or was it a fool’s errand?

I thought the author worked their story out perfectly, they had something that just clicked into place straight off the bat but getting to where they needed to be was always going to be complicated, there was more than their fair share of problems to get over in order to get any semblance of a happy ever after.

Creative and compulsive, this was a real page-turner


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