by Lisa Suzanne

Heartfelt and heart-warming, this is the story of how to survive the unexpected. I read and loved the first book but this I found more a more honest read. It brought more to the page than I thought I was going to get but I should have known better because even after only a few chapters it was obvious that this was an author that was more than able to piece together a pretty sharp story.

Emme is happy with her life, while she is a woman that loves a good time, she is perfectly happy with no strings attached, in fact she is determined that her life will remain problem free and when she gets involved with Axel, I am certain that, that is exactly what she thought she was going to get…well that and a sex life that was off the scale! But what happens when what you have is suddenly tilted on its very axis and one of you switches up the path you are on?

The connection between Axel and Emme is blistering, they are perfect for each other but it is a tough call when Axel does the one thing Emme never expected and brings up his desire for them to take their relationship in a direction that she just doesn’t feel comfortable with…happy ever after is a lot to think about!

Alex wants it all and he wants it with Emme, but does she?

Is it all a step too far and if it is, does that mean they are over completely?

A clever and enchanting read that requires peace and quiet, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy, you will not be disappointed.

Topic: Stalemate by Lisa Suzanne

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