by Liv Morris

A quick read that whilst it wasn’t entirely predictable, certainly manged to throw a few curve balls into the mix. I thought I had it pegged and for the most part I was right, but the author managed to catch me off guard on more than one occasion and for me…I liked that.

Lucas has his life organised, he knows what he is doing and when and there is very little room for deviation. He is happy so to speak being a no relationship guy, so when he is confronted with the way Maggie made him feel, he could help but be totally bamboozled because he has himself convinced that he can’t be the sort of guy that she would want, so foolishly lets her slip through his fingers.

Maggie is trying to get her life up straight, but after a failed interview and an unplanned interruption with a deliciously hot guy she isn’t sure what all together is anymore. She was intrigued by Lucas, when she bumped into him in the street, he captured her imagination…shame he didn’t stick around.

But when fate starts to meddle, little did they know that they would soon be back in contact and this time it would be hard for them both to follow the rules.

Maggie was just what Lucas needed, not just as the Nanny to Esme, but also as a partner, she was a strong character, someone that was willing to put herself first and to stand up to him and boy did he need it. The banter was flirty and funny when it needed to be, if I have one gripe it was that (especially at the start) the book was a little too chatty. There was a lot of internal monologue going on and it was a tad distracting.

A good read, cute when it needs to be.


Topic: DADDY ISSUES by Liv Morris

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