Wasted Love by Danielle Jamie

This is a sharp fast read that will scorch your fingers as you flip through the pages.

I loved Brooke and the fact that she was a no nonsense woman who was more than happy to admit that she enjoyed the physical aspect of sex but wanted nothing more, she had no desire to get emotionally tied to anyone.

She could have been a guy in a previous life with that attitude!

Moving from LA to Texas to be with her best friend Brooke is looking forward to the change of scenery and when she claps eyes on some of the hot men that Texas has to offer, her interest has just gone through the roof.

Savannah is loved up with her super rich, ultra-handsome boyfriend Kayden and boy does he have some serious hot friends. Brooke is literally spoilt for choice!!

I mean what is a girl to do when she encounters a smoking hot Australian (Jax) and uber sexy rock god Xander within 24 hours of setting foot in the state – hell where do I get my ticket!!

But it is Kayden’s cousin Dixon that has her head in a spin and with apparently not a cat in hells chance of the pair of them ever getting it on, the underlying tension is exquisite.

But when things finally take a turn for the steamy the situation between the pair of them is positively molten – they set the pages alight!!

But can the two most self-confessed haters of relationship change their ways?

Hell do they even want too, well only time will tell and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for them