All the Waters of the Earth by Leslie McAdam

There are books that as a reader catch you unawares and this is one of those book, although I should have known that I was getting something very special when after the very first page, I was totally hooked.

The book and its plot are best determined and unveiled as you experience the book, just as the author intended, but I will say that you will certainly not be disappointed.

The storyline is exceptional, the depth of feeling and emotion is second to none and all of that is possible because the author delivers characters that effortlessly drew a compassion and empathy from me.

I liked the fact that they grew and changed as the story unfolded, that not only their personalities but their relationship.

Lucy was a solid character, a writer of romance stories who was looking for one of her handsome alpha males to sweep her off her feet…who isn’t? But when her mister right comes a knocking he is everything she would normally leave on the editing floor.

Jake is as far from Lucy’s image of her perfect man as you could possibly get, he has a past that he would rather leave in the past and a job that seems to take up most of his time. But he cares for not only Lucy but her son and that is priceless.

As I have said the characters are delicious, the storyline, exceptional and the heat factor…well I think my finger tips are singed and my ears are blushing!

Topic: All the Waters of the Earth by Leslie McAdam

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