When I fall

by J Daniels


I want a Reed – please-  J Daniels let me have him!!!

One nasty bitch of an ex did a compete number on him and despite the fact that he never goes short of willing partners, he doesn’t do second servings. His onetime only deal has played out ok for him so far or so he thinks, his friends and family would beg to disagree. While he has worked his way through most of the available females in town, he is rocked to his very core when he is completely side swiped by a sexy little newcomer.

Beth has lost everything she has ever loved in her life, when her mother died, she lost her only parent, her home and all hope – this kid was living in her car for god’s sake! But in a twist of fate she has discovered that her mother has a sister that is still alive and very much looking forward to meeting her.

Packing up her belongings and leaving the degenerate that thinks it is acceptable to verbally torment and abuse her she sets off to find her family, a new life and herself.

She meets Reed at her aunt and uncles bar and the attraction may not have been expected but when he shows an interest she can’t help but react, what she didn’t expect was for her to be the one leading the show.

Reed’s ex is back in town to flaunt not only her wealth but the fact that she is getting married – brandishing an invite to the engagement party she is determined to rub Reed’s nose in the fact that she has moved on and that he hasn’t since he has refused to form any lasting relationship.

But when Beth catches on to the fact this woman has just pushed every alarm bell in Reed and that he has practically shut down, so she bites the bullet and steps up to protect this glorious man, she introduces herself as his girlfriend and accepts the invitation on his behalf explaining that they would both be delighted to join them at the party – WTF!

Off to an unconventional start, they skirt around the pull that is there for them both but Beth has the upper hand because while neither of them are experts in the relationship field, Reed is positively terrified by the prospect of what being in a relationship with Beth actually means and he knows that she has the power to completely rip his heart out. He has hidden it away for so long, finally letting someone in to love him and for him to love them back has him rocking on his heels!

I loved the fact that the two of them were so inept in some respects with regards to the way of making what they want happen – but they need each other – they soothed away the pains of the past and that respect they lighten the burdens that they have both be weighed down by for so long. It was lovely to see them let their guard down with each other, to lay their fears bare and to take their baby steps towards a future together.

When crossed wires lead to Bath taking off, Reed finally admits to those around him that have seen it in his eyes for so long that he loves her and with the help of his friends he head off to get his woman and bring her home to be with him, permanently.

Completely loved the story it is a fabulously romantic tale that shows, love has no time limit, pays no heed to the past and will without fail sets its own course for your future, you are merely along for the ride, and like Reed and Beth you just have to be brave enough to accept what is on offer.