Strumming Me

by Diemme Black


This is Sara and Matt’s story and what a story it is.

It was awash with all manner of goings on. It drew a plethora of emotions for me that I hadn’t expected and at times I felt as it was holding my distraught heart hostage.

It was chock full of secrets, lies and love. It showed friendship in its many guises and dealt with the sort of grief that cuts you to the core.

I adore these rockers and their abilities to absorb, process and move on, their capacity to love almost without boundaries or exception is comforting.

Sara is desperate to move on with her life, to allow the relationship she absolutely covets with Matt to finally find its feet. I mean who wouldn’t he is a sexy as sin guitarist with one of the hottest rock bands on the planet.

But when her crazy assed ex refuses to back off and is determined to destroy her plans, Matt had his superhero pants on and is ready to sweep in and save the day but having a man step out for her in that way is an alien concept for Sara and it all takes more than a little getting used to.

I hated that Sara was so unsure of herself, so prepared to almost hide who she was away and what she had been through. But the way she grew, opened up and allowed the love that Matt was willing to shower her with brought a smile to my face. She fought hard to let the right people into her life and in doing so her personality shone through, she was such a strong woman, she just needed the right team behind her to give her the strength to believe.

There is nothing not to love about Matt and I do mean nothing.

From the minute he laid eyes on Sara he knew she was his and he was willing to stop at nothing to be who she needed. He was willing to stick with her no matter what Michael thought he had up his sleeve. This dazzlingly handsome and sensitively creative man blew me away. He fought Sara tooth and nail to prove to her that despite everything she had in her head, he was there with her for the long haul and nothing was going to stand in his way, not even her.

A sound read that had me glued to each and every page.

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