Too Hot to Handle

by Susan Arden



When that’s my cowboy fixation back up and running!!!

The cover was enough to have my pulse racing but dishing up Rod, the ex- marine turned sexy as sin rancher and I was completely done.

Rod is doing his cousin a favour when he agreed to pick up his soon to be sister-in-law from the airport – I mean what can possibly go wrong? A whole heap as you will come to discover...I mean it would be a pretty boring book if that was all plain sailing, so when Rod's trip to the airport lands him with a feisty filly in his lap, in the shape of the rebellious Margo, it was a case of letting the fun and games begin!

Now Margo had every need to kick back and cut loose, her life was a sh**storm of epic proportions!

Her Neanderthal step-uncle has her on a very short leash as he flexes his muscle and does everything he possibly can to keep her under his control. He threatens not only Margo but also her family and instigates a reign of absolute terror on her but are his threats meaningless or does she really need to learn to toe his particular version of the line?

Personally I would have rather he was wearing the toe of her boot, implanted in somewhere exquisitely delicate…and I hope at speed!

But she sees the bigger picture or so she thinks and is facing the fight of her life to keep everything she holds dear safe from his repetitious contamination.

So can Rod, break this spitfire down, can he get her to drop the act and let him in to who she really is or will they spontaneously combust!

They were explosive together and on this occasion it was for all the right reasons!!

Put the most deliciously alpha male and the object of his affection (who just happens to have a touchy personality) together and we all know that the result is going to be downright sensational!!

But will they find more than they bargain for together and will Margo succeed in her bid to keep her lecherous uncle at arm’s length?

Can she keep those she cares about safe, and will that include Rod or will this savvy military man, see straight through her and set his own agenda?

Can Rod, tame her wild streak and show her that all men are not created equal? Well he certainly isn't...and will she trust him?

I loved the effort he put in once he realised she was worth fighting for and the way he almost dismantled the walls she had constructed around herself brick by brick, there was nothing going to stop him from showing her what she meant to him and he made me swoon in the process.

The author didn’t skimp on the action, there is barely a second available to lift your eyes from the page, it gallops along like a thoroughbred, never veering off course or pace, the books barely allows the opportunity to draw breathe.

The book is a litany of angst and suspense but it is also a cacophony of humour and sensitivity, all tied up with the most glorious war of right battling wrong.

Prepare for the ride of your life, you will need to buckle up, this is a rodeo you will not want to miss

Topic: Too Hot to Handle by Susan Arden

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