by Stevie J Cole

This has been my favourite of the series so far. Roxy just blew me away.

Emotionally raw this was a story of survival, of endurance and strength.

Her past was excruciating and her present with everything that she had and continued to go through with Jag as astonishing. I thought the level of strength she could draw upon was almost bottomless and this was an untainted look at the relationship she has with Jag from her own perspective.

Unlike his story, I liked her straight off the bat but that didn’t stop the fact that I was needed a breather on more than on occasion. It was powerful stuff.

The affect that addiction has on those that are close to the addict weren’t just touched upon, they were laid bare and as much as I wanted everything to be just how it needed to be, I knew that for this pair that wasn’t enough, they relationship was almost torturous but despite it all, they were two halves of the same whole and they both knew it.

For this story…if you are anything like me, you may find that tissues are not an option.

Topic: Roxy by Stevie J Cole

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