The Beard Made Me Do It

by Lani Lynn Vale

These series has been a real grower, each of the guys brings something new to the table and each and every one of them will burrow their way under your skin.

This is Jesse and Ellen’s story and it is one that started long before she turned up at his club, on the arm of his “brother”.

From the onset, they seemed determined to scupper any hope of a reconciliation but leave it to Ms Vale to work her magic and she and they will play your heartstrings like a fiddle.

I loved Jessie and his boy, a mood man that was doing what he needed to do in order to be the best father that he possibly could…and contending with an ex that was more than a few sandwiches short of a picnic ( bat**it crazy!)

Ellen wasn’t exactly what I thought she was going to be and she took me a little time to warm up to but once I got to understand her I was a happy camper, this was a couple that I wanted to work…so I was cheering from the side-lines for the pair of them.

As usual this was superbly written, flowed beautifully and brought all of the Reject’s and their partners out to play…. I especially loved the little bit extra we got from Ghost!

Topic: The Beard Made Me Do It by Lani Lynn Vale

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