The Braille Club Undone by JA Kerr

I went into this knowing that it wasn’t the end of the series and I thank the lord for that because this had the last two beaten hands down!

It is a little different from the last two or at least I got something different from it. The story was more emotion driven, the sense of drama, the mystery held more prominence, it had more to say to me than it had previously or at least that is what I thought.

Don’t think that the author let up on the events that surround the club and those involved because she didn’t but I just think that she was creating cast that as much as they had shown their feel in the previous books, they now had the chance to bring their colours to the page,

Guy was taking a step further towards the new zone he was engaged in, and while it was only natural that he might want to experiment so to speak with the side of the club that he was developing I was surprised how absorbed he was willing to become.

Nick was his usual malevolent self and despite his current situation he was no less willing and apparently able to foist his rage and revenge on both Sienna and Benedict. I have a cold chill running through me at just how far he might be willing to go to achieve his goal, the man is both relentless and ruthless.

I think the story was slightly darker than the previous two but I think that is because the characters and the author are growing into the story, the details is pitched perfectly and the clarity is exceptional.

Superb Work!


Topic: The Braille Club Undone by JA Kerr

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