Her Unexpected Engagement

by Kyra Jacobs


I whipped my way through this book and enjoyed every page.

Stephanie and Miles have been friends since they were children but haven’t seen each other for a considerable period of time but now they are back together, time may have passed but the feelings they had are still there and fighting them is verging on being futile.

The author dished up the book from both points of view and I think that they both needed the opportunity to express themselves. They had plenty to work through before the got to a place where they could have a happy relationship but I liked that they were willing to put in the effort.They were a really nice couple, I found them easy to empathise with.

I also liked the fact the book covered a singular period of time, after all a week is a long time when it comes to affairs of the heart!

The author was able to keep the tone of the story fairly light but there were elements of angst that provided the much-needed contrast that the characters required, life isn’t smooth sailing they had to overcome the bumps as they fought to find their happiness.

As far as a solid romance, this was everything you could possible want. Fabulously written this is a great way to spend a few hours on a winters day.

Topic: Her Unexpected Engagement by Kyra Jacobs

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