Chase Me by Elizabeth York

This was a real treat, it had more than enough twist and turns in the story to keep me not only interested but hooked!

I found the pace of the story was swift but it didn’t leave anything out, it was very detailed and descriptive.

The story is about Kate and Eddie, the way they live their lives couldn’t be any further apart if they tried, I mean they weren’t even paddling in the same pool.

Kate’s plate is full to overflowing but juggling it all is not exactly her strong point, actually she might be as sharp as a tack but when it comes to dealing with life, I was worried that she actually knew what she was going to be doing from one day to the next.

Eddie on the other hand, didn’t get ruffled, he had his life in hand and left nothing to chance, so what the heck is he going to make of the livewire that is Kate?

I didn’t know that they could make it, I was worried that they might not be able to find a middle ground that they could call their own and between the two of them find the ability to make not just each other but themselves happy.

Topic: Chase Me by Elizabeth York

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