Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott

While I enjoyed reading this, I will admit that it is not my favourite Kelly Elliott novel, I think I was just missing a little bit of angst.
Harmony has had a rough trot and is doing everything she can to keep her head above water now that she is on her own, but is she? From the minute he clapped eyes on her firefighter Preston knew that there was more to this woman.
Her suffering had to have been beyond painful and it is because of that, that Preston decided to reach out to her, to offer a hand of friendship and a shoulder to lean on should she need it.
That one act of thoughtfulness instigates a beautiful friendship that is ever so slightly tempered with both regret and guilt, but there was nothing to feel guilty for.

They had done nothing wrong, the fact that Harmony had survived was cause to celebrate and move forward and I was yelling for her to understand that she didn't need to wallow.
I understood her reticence to a point, the fact that she had lost those she cared about and never wanted to feel that pain again but I felt her worries were irrational and too protracted.
I wanted them to make it, she deserved a man like Preston, someone to love her, I just had to keep my fingers crossed that she didn't sabotage her own happiness.

Topic: Searching for Harmony by Kelly Elliott

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