Sweet Pea by MB Klein

Tim has called his time on the FBI to an end, his last case was the final straw, and he knew it was time to walk away. The death of his partner was a bitter blow to take and he wasn’t sure he had the stomach for it anymore, so he headed home but was everything as it appeared, was it all truly over and could he settle back into normality?

Sweet was the one thing he really didn’t bargain on when he put his plan into action and she wasn’t about to make it easy for him. From the minute she misdialled him and he turned up at Shenanigan’s the two of them were destined to become embroiled in something they just couldn’t control.

But mixed emotions have Sweet at sixes and sevens, she has been hurt previously and is in no hurt to venture down that path again but the way she feels about Tim she really is going to have to decide which way to jump and to get a wiggle on about it!

The connection between Tom and Sweet was lovely to read, they were so emotionally connected that the way they got to know each other and the pace with which their decisions encouraged them to evolve was just perfect.

This is an evocative read, one that was difficult to put down and impossible to find fault.

I look forward to the next book, and getting a sneaky peek at the end has just piqued my interest.