Sensational by Janet Nissenson

You had better settle in for the long haul because this is a long book!

I was intrigued with the story when I read the synopsis and I must say that the author did a sterling job with the flow but god did she give me characters that I wanted to throttle!!!

Ben and Lauren had a relationship in college but they could not be more different and when Ben makes his unilateral decision that she is better off without him, he sets of a chain of events that will define them both. But the repercussions are going to have an impact neither of them could have imagined.

Lauren was a wild child, full of life and the vitality that the exuberance of youth brings and Ben’s decision hits her so hard that she almost shuts up shop, she emotionally circles the wagon’s and refuses to ever be in a position to feel like that again. All her effort goes into her passion – photography. And making her name in the world! But she would never forget or in some respects forgive Ben.

Years later, all that angst is going to find its outlet when they are forced to work together because despite the pain that Lauren has carried and the guilt Ben has harboured there is a pull between them but the baggage has a life of its own.

Lauren was someone that I think I would find difficult to like in real life, she seemed to do everything to excess, she liked her liquor but it made her a mean drunk, she was spiteful to more people than I could possibly ever remember and her nasty mouth meant that I wasn’t actually sure why anyone would want to be in her company in the first place. I got that in many respects she used her bad attitude to protect her heart but come on love, give the world a break!!!

Ben on the other hand was just someone that I wanted to grab by the shoulders and shake. He was too nice in some respects and that made him weak – he never loved Elle, I got that but what I didn’t get is why he was willing to get up each morning and keep up his pretence? Honestly man grow a pair and move on!

The story is as I said long and at times, I got a little bogged down but when it was in full flow it was enjoyable.

Their reconnection and the emotion that, that drew from them was a strength that I think the author used to supreme effect. This was a good story about unfinished business, the impact that a lack of communication can leave and about understanding that you only get one shot at putting right your wrongs.

While the characters were not my favourite, I could appreciate the story and the sentiment and while Lauren was definitely not my favourite – I could appreciate the fact that she was a strong woman, I just didn’t take to her methods.

Topic: Sensational by Janet Nissenson

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