Digital Velocity

by Reily Garrett

Kicking of a new series from Reily Garrett, Digital Velocity has everything that you could possibly be looking for.

Ethan McAllister is a cop and a darn good one but when he is shot at the site of an anonymous tip off, it opens up a whole new direction for his personal and professional life.

Lexi was the one that supplied the tip off that led to Ethan and his partner Larrick discovering not only the body of a woman but also being caught in the hail of bullets that ensued. Feeling more than a little responsible for the fact that one of the good guys on the force is injured.

Ethan helped her in past and she has never forgotten that when she needed someone to believe and help her, it was Ethan that did just that and helped not only her but others to escape a situation that had potentially dire consequences for them all.

Frannie had been important to Lexi in a way that she had never been able to repay, so now that she was gone, Lexi felt as if she owed it to her to help track down her killer but she was happy behind her computer screen, the face to face stuff, well that was where Ethan came into play.

His getting shot meant that they had time to spend together working the details of the case as his leg recovered and the more time the spent together the more connected their feeling became. Digging behind the scenes, she uses her skills as a hacker to search the internet for clues to help Ethan and the force to bring Frannie’s killer to justice but all that rooting around means that she is suddenly front and centre in the investigation and firmly in the cross hairs of the killer with a target will a truly painted on her back.

The struggle now was one that no-one could have anticipated because now Ethan had to face the fact that he had to keep her safe, all the while trying to track down the killer before he strikes again?

There is a lot that I could say, not only about the storyline but also about the pace and style of the book but in all honesty, this is a story that should be experienced, the depth of detail and authenticity of the actions and incidents were second to none. I thought the author was able to place me centrally into the storyline and to orchestrate the story all around me, I felt engaged and engulfed. Ethan and Lexi were superb but I thoroughly enjoyed all the sharp banter that all of the guys brought to the page. These were guys that I wanted to spend time with and that I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall in the squad room with, they called it as they saw it and took their opportunities when they were presented.

A superb start to the series, can’t wait for the next book!!

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