Dirty Filthy Savage by Jade West


This is a book that certainly lives up to its title, so please heed the author’s warnings, they are there for a reason not just decoration.

So what did I think of the book – well I have to say that while I approached it with reverence, I absolutely freaking loved it.

Yes, it had some aspects that made me shake my head and re-read – just because I wasn’t  actually sure that I had read it right in the first place.

And Yes, it did have a savage undertone that ran all the way to it’s very core but it felt right and not at all out of context and I put that down to the fact that the quality of the writing which was superb.

The storyline was one that completely drew me in and in the frenzy of my absorption I absolutely cared about what was going on, it took on a realism that I didn’t think I would have been able to fathom let alone completely engage with.

It made me want to know what the hell was going on, it made me need to know what made these guys tick, it made me need to know just how far they were prepared to go and most of all it made me care.

While the emotional content of the book took me by surprise somewhat, I cannot deny that the feelings that I was left with when it was over were emotionally draining.

Sophie and Callum could not have been more different, they were from polar opposites for the social spectrum but what they shared was the desire to feel – for Sophie it was her need to be controlled, her desire to find a Dom that could give her exactly what she craved, and  in Callum she had her man.

Callum fought hard every day just to keep his heart beating, he always had. Life had never been easy but he had survived and was beholden to no-one. He had nothing and that fact is not skipped over in this book, the author lays his circumstance out quite clearly and I actually found that one of the hardest parts of the book to read, but he cared not one iota about that, he was as tough as they came and he was exactly what Sophie needed.

I was in awe of the connection that they had, they held me captive by the passion they shared and I could put the book down, finding a gap to do the normal stuff in the day was almost impossible, I had to finish their story.

As savage as their love was, at it will leave you aghast, it was completely breath-taking, they absorbed each other, they became integral parts of each other’s physical being, it was almost as if they had been moulded to fit, their journey may not have been conventional and it damn well wasn’t easy but it was right.

I will remember this book for a long time and it will be for all the right reasons, Jade West you are a master of your craft!