Charlie Foxtrot by Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lane Vale is quickly becoming one of my favourite authors, as quickly as her work hits my kindle I have to read it and this was no exception.

The whole Code 11-KPD Swat series has been fantastic and after catching a little of Foster’s story at the end of the last book, I wanted him to get his happy ever after, I just wasn’t sure he was going to find the right woman for him.

But I should have known better because Lani dished up just the woman to take the edge of this angry man.

Blake is starting over after a divorce that saw her walk away with very little in the way of either reward or satisfaction, her ex is not only still in town, he has moved on and moved his new partner into the home they once shared.

She is desperately trying to find her feet again and to shake off the humiliation of the cheating SOB. As a serving officer, his colleagues hid what he was up to for far too long and people she thought she could trust were silent when she needed them the most and I think that stung her more than what he had done to her.

Foster on the other hand keeps everyone at a safe distance since he lost part of his leg in the events of the last book. He has been through so much and in some respects he still hasn’t mentally adjusted to his life as an amputee but he has fought his way back onto the SWAT team and that is no mean feat.

Their initial meeting is less that auspicious but given the fact that Blake ends up working as a dispatcher they can’t avoid each other and eventually they become friends.

But this pair were always destined to be so much more than that, they had the makings of a beautiful couple from the very onset but it was nice that their story was given time to grow, it didn’t feel rushed at all, it was believable.

Blake never let the situation with Foster’s leg phase her, she took it all in her stride and when things were tough for her, Foster made sure he was there to keep the demons at bay.

He was sure to show her that he would protect her no matter what, just as she was determined to show him that, that devotion cut both ways.

The inclusion of the characters from the previous books and the inference and introduction of characters that will star in the books that will complete the series is superb, I love following their lives and getting the titbit updates on what is happening to them all as the stories continue.

I could witter on about this book and the series forever but it serves no purpose. It would only bore you and I don’t want that to happen because you should read this, heck no you should start at the very beginning and read the whole series, you will not be disappointed.

Super work from a super author – can’t wait for the next book!

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