Suddenly More

by J A Low


Ok, so I read book one Suddenly Dirty and loved it and ploughed straight into Suddenly More but if I am being completely honest I found this little novella was more of a filler than I wanted.

I didn’t really like Evan so I think that was the problem, I was hurling abuse at the screen of my kindle more often than any grown woman should!

The story was very descriptive, perhaps even a little too descriptive if that is even possible. But as the author went to great lengths to describe almost every little detail of the upcoming nuptials between Evan and Sienna, I could feel my enthusiasm for their situation begin to wane.

But what I did like was the fact that we got to see more of the guys in the band, I’m always more than happy when I am in their company. And as they each begin to take shape and the band starts to evolve the interactions between them was fascinating.

I think I would have loved more about the guys with all the fuss of the wedding fitting in around them but while I know that, that isn’t exactly possible I think the author might have over egged the wedding and I hope I am wrong but I’m having a problem seeing it going the distance!

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