by Zeia Jameson

Finally, the penny dropped and I realise that there is a genuine knack to writing blurb because when I first read the synopsis on this I may have been intrigued but darn it once I got into the story, I was sure that I must have missed something because when it came to Luca Cipriani the man beneath the surface was a lot more interesting than I could have ever imagined.
Being told from Luca’s point of view meant that we had a bird’s eye view of what things were really like for this creative soul. His art was his peace, his calming influence and whilst he was doing all he could to build his business it was his much-needed leveller because this personal life was a bit more of a tumultuous affair.
Luca’s heart is well acquainted with pain and he is wary of who he allows into his life and why. A tad more protective than most but with just reason, I really liked Luca, yes, he was a snarky so and so but it was all part of his charm, I understood him and why he was the way he was and that made him real for me, it gave him purpose and gave his plight purchase.
Kerry was the other half of Luca’s much-abused soul, she was the perfect companion for him and it was lovely that neither of them weighed their lives down with expectations, they had been through so much that they were both treading carefully through each and every day and I thought that gave them the opportunity to show that beautiful doesn’t happen in an instant, something beautiful isn’t created it is organic, it there and given nurture and time it will show itself.
Together they were the perfect anecdote for what they had both been through, together they had the chance to be the balm for a world of pain that needed to be exorcised and together they had the opportunity to find a forever that was as unique as they were.
A stunning composition that brought hope to the forefront and that allow them peace.
A romance that pulled on every emotion and that played my heartstrings like a harp!
Whilst I want to say that stories are just that, fiction that you can read and leave behind when complete, I can’t say that about this… Luca and Kerry were a couple that I think I will hold onto for a little while longer, their story touched a nerve and it is one that I am not ready to walk away from just yet.
Fantastic writing, beautifully conveyed emotion and sensitivity that leapt off the page, a superb book.

Topic: PROPER INK by Zeia Jameson

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